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Black Mulch is a nutrient rich product that helps prevents pesky weeds, cultivate healthier plants, and enhance the look of an outdoor space. At The Grass Store, we produce our very own black mulch on-site, allowing us to have full control over the entire process and provide the highest quality mulch to our customers. From sourcing smaller tree limbs with minerals, protein, vitamins, and enzymes that large wood doesn’t have, using premium quality black dye, to double shredding the mulch for a finer texture, we don’t skip the important steps.

What is Black Mulch and What Makes ours Different?

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil to retain moisture and help prevent weeds while still allowing air and nutrients flow into the soil. However, not all mulch is created equal. We stand out from our competition by being picky in the sourcing process to only use smaller branches and limbs that contain more nutrients than big wood. We complete the entire mulch process on-site to maintain quality control, guaranteeing a better product. We pride ourselves in being eco-friendly and only using 100% recycled tree trimmings and completely organic materials. Our mulch always comes from clean natural wood fiber, goes through a process to be double shredded, and comes uniformly sized for functionality and appearance. Our mulches will never contain certain things like pallet wood, dimensional lumber, and fence panels, as they contain unknown contaminants. The dye we use in our black mulch is long-lasting to hold its color throughout the year with very minimal fading. The distinctive black color from our high-quality mulch creates a striking contrast with green lawns, plants, and colorful flowers making it a beautiful option.

Crafted with Care: On-Site Production

At The Grass Store, we believe in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. That’s why we make our black mulch on-site, ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire process from sourcing materials to creating the finished product. By taking charge of every step and being choosy about the raw materials we use for recycling into mulch to the final product, we can maintain strict quality control standards and offer a superior black mulch that will meet your specific needs.

Transforming Tree Trimmings into Fine Mulch

We want your soil to thrive so we only accept and mulch the smaller, more nutrient-rich wood that has important minerals, protein, vitamins, enzymes that larger wood doesn’t have. To ensure our customers receive the best black mulch on the market we use smaller wood, simply put, because it makes for better mulch. We pride ourselves in being the best eco-friendly black mulch choice for your garden or landscaping projects.

Unparalleled Longevity with Premium Black Dye

To achieve a deep, rich black color that lasts, we utilize the finest black dye available on the market. Our black mulch is infused with a premium dye, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy that can withstand the elements. The result is a visually striking mulch that not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor space but also maintains its color integrity for an extended period.

The Perfect Texture: Exceptionally Fine and Double Ground

Texture matters when it comes to mulch, and our black mulch stands out with its incredibly fine texture. Through a meticulous double grinding process, we achieve the optimal consistency that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. This fine texture allows for better coverage, ensuring even distribution and maximum effectiveness when it comes to moisture retention and weed suppression.

Say Goodbye to Chunky Mulch

Chunky mulch can detract from the overall appearance of your garden or landscaping design. We understand the importance of a uniform and visually appealing mulch layer and that’s why we’ve made it a point not to sell large, chunky mulch.

Benefits of Black Mulch

Retain Moisture

When you use mulch it can help conserve moisture in the soil by preventing evaporation. This can be especially beneficial in hot, dry climates where water is limited or scarce.

Prevent Weeds

No one wants pesky weeds popping up! Mulch can suppress weed growth by blocking out sunlight and creating an unfavorable environment for weed seeds to germinate.

Regulate Temperature

Mulch helps regulate soil temperature by insulating the soil and creating an above-ground barrier. This is helpful during seasons of extreme cold or heat, like scorching summers in Texas.

Enhance Soil

As black mulch breaks down, it can release nutrients into the soil over time, improving soil fertility and promoting healthy growth for plants and flowers.

Aesthetic Appeal

With its striking dark color, black mulch creates a beautiful contrast to the greenery of a lawn, landscaping project, herb garden, flower beds, and more.

Uses for Black Mulch


It’s a great choice for flower beds, as it can help maintain consistent soil temperatures, retain moisture, suppress weeds, and enrich the soil over time.

Tree Rings

Black mulch can be used to create tree rings around the base of your trees, providing a decorative and functional element to your landscape design.


Use it to create garden pathways, providing an attractive and practical surface for walking.

Kids Play Areas

If you want to create a designated play area for kids in the backyard, black mulch is a great option to add around a sandbox, swing set, or mud kitchen.

Tips for Applying Black Mulch

Dress Appropriately: Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and gloves to protect your hands, as the dye can leave marks on skin and clothing. You might be kneeling to spread the mulch, so jeans or protective pants could be helpful to wear.

Prepare the Soil: Before you get to work, it’s important to prepare the soil by removing any weeds or debris. You want to start with a clean and watered area.

Apply the Right Amount: Aim for a depth of around 2-4 inches for best results. Applying too much mulch can suffocate your plants, while applying too little may not provide the necessary benefits.

Watch Where You Apply: Start pouring the mulch around existing plants, but watch where you apply to avoid covering up plants that haven’t sprouted yet. Direct contact between black mulch and plant stems can lead to moisture buildup and disease, so be sure to leave a small gap around the base of your plants.

Reapply as Needed: With time, black mulch can break down and may need to be reapplied to maintain its benefits and deep, dark color. To help maintain longevity, try turning the mulch and raking it every few months.

Available for Pickup, Delivery, and Installation

We want to make your landscaping project as easy and seamless as possible, that’s why you can request pickup, delivery, or installation of your black mulch. If you would like to pick up from our location, we’d be happy to help you out and our pro tip is to line your truck bed with a tarp for easy removal. If you would like to schedule for mulch delivery, we can come to you and highly suggest laying tarps down in your driveway to avoid stains since the mulch is dyed. Our friendly and professional team can install mulch and much more for your outdoor space, connect with us today to get started.

David Epstein
David Epstein
November 6, 2023.
These folks are outstanding. Great prices, great service - all around we are very satisfied. Nice people. This is our go to place for Saint Augustine sod. Call Cherie or Traci, they rock. Cebaste Vazquez and his install crew is top notch, they worked hard, they left everything nice and clean, nice folks as well.
Jeff Cobb
Jeff Cobb
October 13, 2023.
You learn a lot about a company by the way they handle problems.They truly do care and have great customer service. The pallet is beautiful thick grass I can not wait to put it down. I will buy from them again and I recommend you do too. Thank you Curtis. And yes my dogs are looking forward to rolling around in your grass.
Ed LeRoy
Ed LeRoy
September 20, 2023.
Very helpful in deciding what I'll do with my yard.
Dream Green
Dream Green
September 20, 2023.
Owner made things right and make sure to take care of me on my next visit!!! I will continue doing business with them. Very nice lady who keeps her word if any issues occur. Thanks again
September 8, 2023.
Great Materials and Service!!
Wade Davis
Wade Davis
September 6, 2023.
This place is awesome! I had an emergency project come up and within a day I received the materials and the crew knocked it out very fast. The attention to detail was not one that I expected when purchasing dirt and mulch, but they went above and beyond to make everything look perfect. I will be using them again and highly recommend them for any dirt/mulch needs.
Kim Jackson
Kim Jackson
August 23, 2023.
Customer service was great!
Tracy Miles
Tracy Miles
August 15, 2023.
Family owned business with fantastic customer service. Very honest and fair company that thrives to make sure you are happy when you leave. I would refer anyone who is looking for any landscaping materials or grass to go there. They have fresh grass on the daily, I have never been disappointed. They treat you like you are a part of their family.
Bruce Williams
Bruce Williams
August 4, 2023.
Customer service A++++
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