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12868 HWY.105 WEST, CONROE TX 77304

Mulches & Soils

The Grass Store offers a great selection of quality mulches and soils to help beautify your landscape in the Conroe, Montgomery and Willis Tx. areas.

Black Mulch

Our most popular mulch - Clean natural wood fiber, double shredded & uniformly sized.
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Red Mulch

A long-lasting more decorative mulch - Iron-based dye that is people & pet friendly.
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Brown Mulch

Produced from natural forest products - Our hardwood mulch is naturally aged & shredded.
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Cedar Mulch

Naturally occurring cedar oils are known for repelling insects and emitting a pleasing aroma.
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Top Soil

A nutrient-rich layer of dirt that naturally occurs when leaves and plants decay.
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Enriched Top Soil

Our most popular soil - 50/50 mixture of topsoil and compost.
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Planting Mix

Our most popular garden soil - Topsoil amended with compost and humus specifically suited for plant growth.
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Manure based compost teeming with all kinds of microorganisms.
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