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Sod is both the grass and the soil beneath the grass held together by the roots. Oftentimes, sod comes in blocks that are 16×24 inches for individual lawns. However, larger sod projects often come in long strips rolled up like carpet.

Sod is commonly sold to landscapers and home builders to form lawns, parks, and fields for sport. However, many homeowners purchase sod directly to install themselves. When installed, they place the sod on bare soil, and the roots grow into this soil over time.


Sod is typically ready to harvest between 12 and 18 months after the farmer plants it. However, this time period depends on the variety of grass. This extended period gives the grass time to form a strong, healthy root system. A strong root system is crucial because it holds the blocks of sod together.

Using a tractor, the farm cuts the sod at the desired thickness and width. As they harvest, the farmer leaves a ribbon of grass every 16 inches or so to allow the grass to grow back for the next plot. As one person drives the tractor and controls the specifics of the cut, two others stack the sod blocks onto pallets. Later, these pallets are loaded to trucks and transported to their destination.


Using sod is a very different process from seeding. Seeding involves the planting of grass seeds where they need to grow. On the other hand, sod is already grown grass that takes root in a new place.

A seeded lawn takes much longer to grow and cannot be walked on until the grass is at least two inches tall. Typically, sod is ready for use in about thirty days.


Local farms commonly specialize in the production of sod. When the farmer plants a new grass field, they follow a fairly simple process.

  • Treat and grade the soil
  • Set up an irrigation system
  • Place sprigs of a specific variety of grass

A sprig is a small piece of grass taken from blocks of a stock pallet. The farmer chops up the sprigs and spread them throughout the farm with a machine. After this process, they rigorously maintain the plot until the sprigs grow together. This produces a field of grass ready to harvest. This maintenance includes fertilization, watering, and regular mowing. At The Grass Store, we grow our grass in the warm, moist Texas air and nutrient-rich soil.

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