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12868 HWY.105 WEST, CONROE TX 77304

Ready to buy grass in Woodbranch?

Woodbranch can be an amazing place to live, but maintaining a yard can take some extra steps on the homeowner’s part. Many homeowners and business owners in the area want to have a lush yard that makes their neighbors envious.

Actually achieving that step can have a number of additional benefits for the yard’s health. Buying grass and planting sod can reduce the amount of soil erosion and increase the filtration of groundwater in your soil.

Moreover, air quality may be improved because the grass will help to absorb most of the dust in the air. The quality of the air is also improved thanks to the ability of grass to provide oxygen.

Sod, Mulch & More at The Grass Store

When you decide to buy new sod for your lawn, you may initially worry about the cost that you are going to be facing. Fortunately, buying grass from our shop can be a cost-effective way to completely renovate your lawn. When you buy with us, you will be able to benefit from a greater selection of the types of grass that you want to have in your yard.

You will also be able to learn how to install your sod at the same time and from the same company. Buying grass for your Woodbranch home allows you to update the look of your yard quickly and conveniently.

Why we love Woodbranch

The village of Woodbranch is a fantastic place to raise a family. The small-town atmosphere combined with a quick drive to the city of Humble, Texas allows residents to enjoy any shopping, banking, and entertainment amenities that they could ever want.

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