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Best Sod In Houston: We’ve Got World-Class Texas Grass

Houston … we’ve solved your (grass) problem! 

The Grass Store sells and installs the best sod in Houston to meet the needs of our local residents and business owners.

With an astonishing 2.3 million residents in the Greater Houston Metro area, we know it can be stressful to find a trusted local provider of grass sales and installation.
That’s where we come in …

The Grass store specializes in the following varieties of grass and sod sales and installation:

Raleigh St. Augustine Grass

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass

Tiftuf Bermuda Grass

Celebration Bermuda Grass

Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass

Palisades Zoysia Grass

Emerald Zoysia Grass

Zeon Zoysia Grass

Cavalier Zoysia Grass

If you are in need of grass and landscaping products, get in touch with The Grass Store. We are your local Houston grass provider of turf, sod, and landscaping materials.

Ready to learn more about sod in Houston? 

Let’s go! 

Best Grass for Houston

Sod In Houston: Types and Installation

The Grass Store is proud to produce and deliver the highest quality Texas grass and landscaping materials to the Houston area. We know Houston and the surrounding areas such as Conroe, The Woodlands, Katy, and others, and we want to be your go-to grass provider. 

Our goal is to beat your expectations by selling and installing world-class Texas sod

No matter if you need a durable grass product that can withstand Texas drought conditions or Texas sod that does well in shady spots, The Grass Store is your local supplier of all Houston grass needs. 

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of Texas grass we offer and the characteristics of each type.

Tiftuf Bermuda Grass (Best Drought-Tolerant Grass for Houston)

Looking for drought tolerant grass? (of course you are!) 

Texas TifTuf Bermuda grass is THE standard in drought-tolerant grass. What makes Tiftuf Bermuda Grass so great for residents of Houston? 

TifTuf has better drought tolerance, wear tolerance, cold tolerance, and heat tolerance compared to other varieties of Bermuda Grass. Tiftuf is known for a Houston green-up, better color retention in the fall, and better shade tolerance than similar varieties of grass. 

Further, it maintains 95% more green leaf tissue during drought stress. This means when other bermuda grasses are turning brown from lack of rain and irrigation, TifTuf will always stay green on your lawn. 

Over 25 years of development makes TifTuf the most researched and tested grass in Texas. In 2013, TifTuf Bermuda was entered into the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) and the results revealed that TifTuf scored the highest quality ratings in TEXAS!

What makes TifTuf truly unique from all other grasses is its extreme drought tolerance and its ability to maintain green color under those drought conditions. It is truly remarkable that it can survive with no water for extended periods of time and still stay green.

Why We Love Texas Tiftuf Bermuda Grass 

  • Most Popular Bermuda Grass
  • Most Drought-Tolerant Bermuda Grass
  • Most Wear-Tolerant Bermuda Grass
  • Most Shade-Tolerant Bermuda Grass
  • Deep Green Color
  • Thrives in Heat And Humidity
  • Extremely Cold-Hardy

Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass (Best for Lush, Green Lawn)

Texas Tifway 419 Bermuda grass features a fine blade (1.7mm) and is dark green in color when fertilized properly. 

Commonly seen on residential homes, fairways of golf courses, and almost every athletic field imaginable, Tifway 419 Bermuda has long been the standard for bermuda grasses.

houston grass
Tifway 419 Bermuda requires FULL SUN but is extremely drought tolerant and very hardy making it an increasingly popular choice for home lawns.

Compared against Tiftuf Bermuda Grass, Tifway is not quite as drought tolerant and requires more water. However, Tifway is the pick if you want that thick, green manicured lawn look that many residents in Spring, Texas crave.

Why We Love Texas Tiftuf 419 Bermuda Grass

  • Good Drought Tolerance
  • Vigorous Grower
  • Excels in Full Sun
  • Gold Standard for Golf Courses
  • Deep Green Color
  • Thrives in Heat And Humidity
  • Extremely Cold-Hardy

Celebration Bermuda Grass (Best for Commercial Applications)

Texas Celebration Bermudagrass features a slightly larger blade (2.8mm) than Tifway 419 Bermuda and is a dark blue-green color when fertilized properly. 

Celebration Bermuda requires FULL SUN, but is exceptionally drought tolerant and grows/recovers fast.

Celebration Bermuda Grass is an amazing turf grass choice for Houston homeowners, contractors, golf course superintendents, and sports turf managers who want a medium-bladed Bermuda Grass.

Why We Love Houston Celebration Bermuda Grass

  • Excellent Drought Tolerance
  • Aggressive Growth Recovery
  • Most Popular Bermuda Grass for Commercial Jobs
  • Some Shade Tolerance
  • Striking Blue-Green Color
  • Thrives in Heat And Humidity/Extremely Cold-Hardy

Raleigh St. Augustine Grass (#1 Selling Grass in Houston)

Texas Raleigh St. Augustine grass has long been the standard for Spring and the entire Gulf Coast region. Thanks to its tolerance of heat, humidity and frost, Raleigh St. Augustine is our  #1 selling St. Augustine grass.

Excellent at choking out weeds, Raleigh St. Augustine Grass is SAD (St. Augustine Decline) resistant – a major plus for those looking to install a hardier grass in their lawn.

Why We Love Houston Raleigh St. Augustine 

  • Most popular St. Augustine grass
  • Dense, carpet-like texture
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Chokes out weeds
  • Dark green color
  • Tolerates heat & humidity
  • Cold-hardy grass

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass (Best Houston Shade Grass)

Texas Palmetto St. Augustine Grass is our #1 selling grass for shaded areas.

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass is a medium-bladed cultivar known for better color and a finer textured blade than Raleigh St. Augustine Grass. A massive root system allows this grass to be more shade tolerant, drought-tolerant, and hardier than other St. Augustine varieties. 

Featuring a slightly smaller blade (8-9mm) than Raleigh St. Augustine, Palmetto is a gorgeous dark emerald green color when fertilized properly. 

Palmetto demonstrates more shade tolerance (min. 4 hrs of sun) and drought tolerance compared to Raleigh St Augustine. Thriving in shaded areas where other grasses fail, Palmetto St. Augustine grass is the Best Shade Grass available.

Why We Love Houston Palmetto St. Augustine 

  • Most Shade Tolerant St. Augustine
  • Most Shade Tolerant St. Augustine
  • Softest Textured St. Augustine
  • Vivid Emerald Green Color
  • Chokes Out Weeds
  • Tolerates heat & humidity
  • Cold-hardy grass

Palisades Zoysia Grass (Most Popular Zoysia Grass in Houston)

Texas Palisades Zoysia is known to be a “friendly” grass due to its high density that is especially suitable for home lawns. Due to its low light requirements, Palisades Zoysia grass is an excellent choice for low-maintenance landscapes. 

Developed by Texas A&M University, Palisades Zoysia is shade tolerant like a St. Augustine grass and drought tolerant like a Bermuda grass.  Texas Palisades Zoysia grass features a medium blade (5-7mm) and is dark green in color. 

Slow growing, low fertilizer requirements, and aesthetically one of a kind, Palisades Zoysia is the #1 selling Zoysia grass in the greater Houston area.

Why We Love Houston Palisades Zoysia Grass

  • Low maintenance for residential homes
  • Most Popular Zoysia Grass
  • Shade Tolerant Like St. Augustine
  • Drought Tolerant Like Bermuda Grass
  • Slow Growing
  • Low Fertilizer Requirements
  • Dark Green Color
  • Developed for Heat & Cold Tolerance

Emerald Zoysia Grass (Best Slow Growing Grass For Houston)

Emerald Zoysia Grass was released in 1955 by the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station and the USDA. Commonly referred to as the “Cadillac” of turf, over 60 years later it is still a favorite for Texas landscaping. 

Texas Emerald Zoysia is a fine-bladed, extremely dense turf that is noted for its dark green color. Emerald is one of the slowest growing Zoysia grasses – which means you only need to mow every 7-10 in the growing season. 

Emerald is the ideal turf for a home lawn. Other characteristics include cold tolerance, drought tolerance, shade tolerance and low fertilizer requirements.

Why We Love Houston Emerald Zoysia Grass

  • Slowest Growing Zoysia Grass
  • More Shade Tolerant Than St. Augustine
  • Drought Tolerant Like Bermuda Grass
  • Lowest Maintenance of any Zoysia Variety
  • Low Fertilizer Requirements
  • Dark Emerald Green Color
  • Tolerates Extreme Heat & Cold

Zeon Zoysia Grass (Softest grass on your feet)

Texas Zeon Zoysia Grass is a fast-growing, fine-bladed grass that is translucent green in color with a soft leaf texture. 

Marketed as a true “barefoot lawn grass,” Zeon’s extensive root system allows it to quickly recover from drought, thrive in full sun, and have excellent shade tolerance only requiring 3 hours of direct sunlight.

Spring Texas landscaping
Besides the benefits for home lawns, Zeon Zoysia is also the favored Zoysia Grass for golf fairways. Zeon is a world-class playing surface that provides superior lies compared to bermudagrasses. It is the most playable fairway turf on the market because of its blade density allowing the ball to sit up like it’s on a tee.

Why We Love Houston Zeon Zoysia Grass

  • Most Shade Tolerant of Any Variety
  • Drought Tolerant Like Bermuda Grass
  • Softest-Textured Fine-Bladed Zoysia Grass
  • Most Popular Zoysia for Golf Course Fairways
  • Low Fertilizer Requirements
  • Translucent Green Color
  • Does Well in Extreme Heat & Cold

Cavalier Zoysia Grass (Best For Those Who Don’t Like Mowing)

Commonly used for homeowners that want a fine-bladed, golf course look to their yard, Texas Cavalier Zoysia grass features a fine blade (3-4mm) and is dark green in color. 

Developed by Texas A&M University, Cavalier Zoysia is shade tolerant, drought-tolerant, slow-growing grass that was developed to stay low to the ground. Because of this feature, it requires less mowing, making this an excellent low-maintenance grass for Spring homeowners. 

Why We Love Houston Cavalier Zoysia Grass

  • Slow Growth Requires Less Frequent Mowing
  • More Shade Tolerant Than St. Augustine
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Most Insect-Resistant Zoysia
  • Low Fertilizer Requirements
  • Dark Green Color
  • Excellent Heat & Cold Tolerance

Houston Xeriscaping

Are there other landscaping alternatives besides grass?  Matter of fact, there is. It’s called xeriscaping

In hot, dry places that experience drought conditions, thirsty lawns full of lush green grass and plants use a lot of water to stay beautiful. Traditional landscapes sometimes incorporate plants that aren’t well-suited to the Houston climate, which means they need a lot of water to keep them from drying out.

If you are not interested in maintaining a lawn, Xeriscaping might be the perfect low-maintenance alternative for anyone with conservation in mind.

What Is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a term supposedly coined in 1981 by the Denver Water Department to describe water-efficient landscaping. It is a combination of the word “landscape” and the Greek word “xeros”, which means dry.

In essence, xeriscaping uses a combination of rocks, soil, mulch, and plants that are native to the climate to cut down on the need for added irrigation.

The incorporation of drought-resistant plants is the most important part of xeriscaping. Including vegetation that is appropriate for your climate makes it easier for your lawn to thrive without a lot of maintenance. 

But don’t let thoughts of barren desert landscapes put you off. There are plenty of beautiful, colorful plants that fit into xeriscaping so no two lawns look the same.

Xeriscaping is often confused with “zeroscaping” due to how it’s pronounced, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It isn’t the absence of landscaping. Xeriscaping takes a lot of careful thought and planning to pull off the right way.

When done right, xeriscaping can reduce the use of water anywhere from 50 to 75 percent.

Advantages of Xeriscaping in Houston

It’s natural to wonder what’s in it for you with any big change. Whether you’re starting from scratch or completely redoing your existing landscape, turning to xeriscape is an investment of time and money.

Thankfully, there are quite a few pros of xeriscaping that you should consider.

  • Water Conservation
  • Low Maintenace
  • Less Fertilization
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Help Native Wildlife

Ready to get your xeriscaping on in the Houston area?

The Grass Store can help you with all of your xeriscaping needs!

Not only does The Grass Store provide the perfect turf for your Texas lawn, but they also offer everything you need for your landscape. At their retail location, you will find rocks, gravel, sand, mulch, and soil to add to your xeriscape design.

Houston: A Diverse, World-Class City

Can you guess what the most ethnically diverse city in the United States is? 

If you guessed Houston, you guessed right.

With over 2.3 million residents and 145 languages spoken, Houston, “H-Town” or the “Space City” as it is sometimes known, is rated the most ethnically diverse city beating out the likes of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 


While often overshadowed by Dallas (dang Cowboys), Houston is a world-class city filled with culture, restaurants, art, and activities to rival any city in the country. Houston is home to an astonishing 10,000 restaurants, making it one of the foodie capitals of the South.   

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, or even a quick day out in Houston, there is an impossible amount to do and see. As locals to the area, here would be our top choices: 

The Museum District

If you love a good day out at the museum, it’s hard to beat Houston (like, really hard to beat). Houston has over 1,500 world-class museums, many of which are absolutely free to the general public.

You can spend hours driving all over town from museum to museum, but your best bet is to check out the Museum District. This idyllic neighborhood between the Texas Medical Center and Rice University is home to 18 museums within a one and a half mile radius. 

Whether you’re interested in art, space, Texas culture or even world history, you can’t do much better than a day out in the Houston museum District. 

Space Center Houston

You can’t come to Houston and not visit the Space Center Houston. Incredibly fun and educational for both kids and adults, Space Center Houston is the top international tourist destination in Houston for good reason. 

Come see real live rockets that were flown in space, listen to incredible talks about the history and future of the US space program, and learn about NASA’s upcoming Artemis program which will return humans to the moon for the first time in 50 years. 

If you are going to choose just one activity during your visit to Houston – this would be our choice! 

Houston Murals

If you are looking for an art “experience” consider spending a day exploring the colorful murals that can be found throughout the city. 

We highly recommend you use Houston Mural Map which is a map of over 750+ murals crowd sourced by a local network of artists and mural hunters. 

You can take in breathtaking mural art from artists both known and upcoming and fill your Instagram feed with beautiful and inspiring works of art. 

Just a note: We recommend you do the mural tour during daylight hours. There are different Houston Mural tour groups that can act as your guide for the day. 

Grass for Sale Houston

Are you looking for Grass Installation in the Houston area? Don’t want to get your hands dirty laying grass? All you have to do is contact The Grass Store

Whether it’s a small job to multiple truckloads of grass, our sod installation crews can get the job done professionally and within your desired budget. 

Forget going with a large, national company that doesn’t understand the local landscape of this small, but beautiful part of Texas. The Grass Store is Houston-based and understands the needs of our local residents.

Houston Landscaping: Our Services

Included in our Houston sod installation price is the following:

  • All the sod coverage you need for your home or professional business;
  • Hand grading by our professional sod laying team;
  • Watering in the sod to ensure successful installation;
  • Clean up of any mess, dirt, or debris so your home is left just as we found it;
  • Hauling away of the empty pallets.

The Grass Store is one of the few sod companies that offers grass installation services. You will deal directly with our local Houston, Texas grass installation team when choosing your grass variety, delivery time, and installation.

Sod Installation in Houston: What We Do

On big jobs we carry forklifts with us if there is enough room to use them. This makes installation much faster because we can easily move the grass as needed.

If we can’t use a forklift, our team will simply wheelbarrow the grass to where it’s needed.

Either way, our grass installation is simple, seamless, and stress-free. Our job is to make sure your lawn looks perfect … no mess. 

How Much Notice Do We Need? 

Typically, we can install your grass within 3-7 days after being hired for the job. Timing will depend on the type of grass required and the local availability. 

For most jobs, we will start and finish your grass installation on the same day.   

Do We Give Sod Installation Estimates In Houston? 

We don’t do estimates. Most of the time the homeowner can give us measurements over the phone and give us a pretty good idea if the job is ready for us.  

This is for the benefit of our customers. We keep things as simple as possible. By not having to send someone out to give “Free” estimates allows us to not charge as much for our work. 

Looking for Grass for Sale in Houston? Contact Us! 

Grass is not a small purchase – it’s an investment in the future of your home or business. We treat all jobs, both big and small, with the same care, attention, and passion to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our services.

If you are ready to buy your grass or just have any question, 

Contact us by phone at 936-588-8873 or email us at

We look forward to serving you! 

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