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12868 HWY.105 WEST, CONROE TX 77304

Need to buy sod in Roman Forest?

The Grass Store is in Montgomery County, Texas, and has various types of grass available for sale online. We sell grass for residential and commercial properties. Some popular choices in this area are grasses that are insect resistant, drought-tolerant, and low maintenance.

Palmetto St. Augustine is a popular grass to buy in the area. This grass has the best shade tolerance compared to all other grasses. It has a softer texture than Raleigh.

Raleigh St. Augustine grass is The Grass Store’s most asked about grass. When well-fertilized, the grass is a dark green color and is good at choking out weeds. This grass grows at a quick rate and has a carpet-like density.

However, it requires more water than the other grasses and has a higher rate of brown patch fungus. You will need to mow the grass often, but it will make your yard look great.

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TifTuf Bermuda grass is well-liked because it is drought tolerant. It uses 38% less water and stays greener 95% longer than Tifway 419. It also has the most shade resistance of drought-tolerant grasses.

It is still a bermuda grass, which has limited shade resistance compared to other grasses. It grows fast and needs a lot of fertilizer to maintain it. Like other bermudagrasses, they are susceptible to various kinds of insects.

The Grass Store offers mulch for Montgomery or Willis, Texas. The most popular mulch we sell is black mulch. Red mulch is also popular, and both are deeply dyed. Brown hardwood mulch is naturally brown and made from aged hardwood trees.

Native mulch is made from pine, oak, and other trees from the local area. Some benefits of mulch include holding moisture in the soil, stopping or slowing weed growth, and adding nutrients to your flower beds.

Why we love this area

Roman Forest has a population of 1,538 people as of the 2010 census. The city is in Montgomery County, Texas. There are plenty of things to do in the area, such as multiple theme parks and water parks. Roman Forest is home to beautiful parks and movie theaters too. There are many bars and restaurants around the area as well.

The unique landscaping options around the area make homes and parks stand out. The Grass Store offers landscaping rocks and stones, grasses and mulch. The two most popular styles are moss rock stackers and moss rock boulders. We have the largest selection of colors and sizes in the area.

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