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Grass For Sale in Missouri City, TX

If you’re looking for grass for your Missouri City, TX home or business then you’re in the right place.

The Grass Store brings Missouri City residents the highest-quality Texas grass to meet all of your grass, sod, and landscaping needs.

The Grass Store is proud to produce and deliver top-quality grass and landscaping materials in the Missouri City area. Our goal is to always beat your expectations and provide the very best landscaping services in Texas.

Whether you need Texas turf that does well in the shade, soft grass for barefoot youngins, or drought-resistant grass to beat the Texas climate, The Grass Store is your local supplier of all Missouri City grass needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of Texas grass we provide and the different characteristics of each.

Types of Grass - Missouri City, TX

Types of Grass - Missouri City, TX

Tiftuf Bermuda Grass - Missouri City, Tx

(Best Drought-Tolerant Grass for Missouri City)

No Bermuda grasses are more impressive than Texas TifTuf Bermuda grass. It sets the standard for drought tolerance, maintaining 95% more green leaf tissue during drought stress than other types of Bermuda grass. Its deep green color never fails, leaving your lawn looking luxurious even in times of drought.

With more than 25 years of development behind TifTuf Bermuda grass, it’s no wonder it has received the highest quality ratings in Texas.

What makes TifTuf Bermuda Grass truly unique from other grasses is its extreme drought tolerance and its ability to maintain it’s green color under drought conditions. It is remarkable that it can survive with no water for extended periods of time and still stay green.

Why We Love Tiftuf Bermuda Grass 

  1. Most Popular Bermuda Grass
  2. Most Drought-Tolerant Bermuda Grass
  3. Most Wear-Tolerant Bermuda Grass
  4. Most Shade-Tolerant Bermuda Grass
  5. Deep Green Color
  6. Thrives in Heat And Humidity
  7. Extremely Cold-Hardy

Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass - Missouri City, Tx

(Best for Lush, Green Lawn)

The standard for Bermuda grasses in Texas landscaping has long been Texas TifWay 419 Bermuda grass. It’s often used for residential homes, golf courses, and every type of athletic field. It must have FULL SUN in order to thrive but with fine blades and a gorgeous deep green color, this hardy grass remains popular for Texas homes.

Compared toTiftuf Bermuda Grass, Tifway Bermuda is not quite as drought tolerant and requires more water. However, Tifway is the pick if you want a thick, green manicured lawn look that many residents in Missouri City strive for.

Why We Love Tiftuf 419 Bermuda Grass

  1. Good Drought Tolerance
  2. Vigorous Grower
  3. Excels in Full Sun
  4. Gold Standard for Golf Courses
  5. Deep Green Color
  6. Thrives in Heat And Humidity
  7. Extremely Cold-Hardy

Celebration Bermuda Grass - Missouri City, TX

(Best for Commercial Applications)

Texas Celebration Bermuda grass has a slightly larger blade than TifWay 419 and is the #1 turf choice for commercial jobs in Missouri City. This grass exhibits a stunning blue-green color when fertilized properly. It is resistant to drought, heat, humidity, and cold as well as quick growing with fast recovery times.

Why We Love Celebration Bermuda Grass

  1. Excellent Drought Tolerance
  2. Aggressive Growth Recovery
  3. Most Popular Bermuda Grass for Commercial Jobs
  4. Some Shade Tolerance
  5. Striking Blue-Green Color
  6. Thrives in Heat And Humidity/Extremely Cold-Hardy

Raleigh St. Augustine Grass - Missouri City, TX

(#1 Selling Grass in Missouri City)

St. Augustine grass is the #1 selling grass in Texas. Not only does it thrive in full sunlight but it is also incredibly shade tolerant.

Texas Raleigh, St. Augustine grass is the best-selling grass in Missouri City and in the entire Gulf Coast region. This is an incredibly hardy grass that exhibits heat, humidity, and frost tolerance.  Its dark green color looks luxurious on any lawn and its dense, carpet-like texture chokes out weeds.

Why We Love Texas Raleigh St. Augustine 

  1. Most popular St. Augustine grass
  2. Dense, carpet-like texture
  3. Good shade tolerance
  4. Chokes out weeds
  5. Dark green color
  6. Tolerates heat & humidity
  7. Cold-hardy grass

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass - Missouri City, TX

(Best Missouri City Shade Grass)

Texas Palmetto St. Augustine grass thrives in shade and resists drought conditions better than most grasses. This is due to the massive root system that allows it to handle poor conditions better than other grasses.

Palmetto St. Augustine grass is soft and vividly colored, creating lush lawns.

Why We Love Palmetto St. Augustine 

  1. Most Shade Tolerant St. Augustine
  2. Most Shade Tolerant St. Augustine
  3. Softest Textured St. Augustine
  4. Vivid Emerald Green Color
  5. Chokes Out Weeds
  6. Tolerates heat & humidity
  7. Cold-hardy grass

Palisades Zoysia Grass - Missouri City, TX

(Most Popular Zoysia Grass in Missouri City)

Palisades Zoysia grass is the most popular Zoysia grass in Missouri City. This dense grass has low light requirements that make it perfect for Texas homeowners with shady spots. It’s perfectly low-maintenance and grows in a gorgeous shade of dark green that makes it aesthetically one of a kind.

Developed by Texas A&M, Palisades Zoysia grass combines the shade tolerance of St. Augustine and the drought tolerance of Bermuda to make it truly stand out.

Why We Love Palisades Zoysia Grass

  1. Low maintenance for residential homes
  2. Most Popular Zoysia Grass
  3. Shade Tolerant Like St. Augustine
  4. Drought Tolerant Like Bermuda Grass
  5. Slow Growing
  6. Low Fertilizer Requirements
  7. Dark Green Color
  8. Developed for Heat & Cold Tolerance

Emerald Zoysia Grass - Missouri City, TX

(Best Slow Growing Grass For Missouri City)

Texas Emerald Zoysia grass was released in 1955 by the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station and is known as the “Cadillac” of turf. It is incredibly slow growing, requiring you to mow it only every 7-10 days in the growing season. It is shade tolerant, drought tolerant, and can handle both heat and cold.

Even 60 years later, Emerald Zoysia grass is a favorite choice for Texas landscaping.

Why We Love Texas Emerald Zoysia Grass

  1. Slowest Growing Zoysia Grass
  2. More Shade Tolerant Than St. Augustine
  3. Drought Tolerant Like Bermuda Grass
  4. Lowest Maintenance of any Zoysia Variety
  5. Low Fertilizer Requirements
  6. Dark Emerald Green Color
  7. Tolerates Extreme Heat & Cold

Zeon Zoysia Grass - Missouri City, TX

(Softest grass on your feet)

Marketed as the true “barefoot lawn grass”, Texas Zeon Zoysia grass is fine-bladed and fast-growing with a lovely translucent green color. Its extensive root system allows Zeon Zoysia grass to recover quickly from drought conditions. Though this grass thrives in full sun, it also has excellent shade tolerance, only requiring 3 hours of direct sunlight.

Zeon Zoysia grass is an excellent playing surface and is the preferred choice for golf fairways, even more than Bermuda grasses.

Besides the benefits for home lawns, Zeon Zoysia Grass is also the favored Zoysia sod for golf fairways. It is the most playable fairway turf on the market because of its blade density allowing the ball to sit up like it’s on a tee.

Why We Love Texas Zeon Zoysia Grass

  1. Most Shade Tolerant of Any Variety
  2. Drought Tolerant Like Bermuda Grass
  3. Softest-Textured Fine-Bladed Zoysia Grass
  4. Most Popular Zoysia for Golf Course Fairways
  5. Low Fertilizer Requirements
  6. Translucent Green Color
  7. Does Well in Extreme Heat & Cold

Cavalier Zoysia Grass - Missouri City, TX

(Best For Those Who Don’t Like Mowing)

Finally, Texas Cavalier Zoysia grass is another low-maintenance variety of turf that features fine blades. It’s the #1 choice for homeowners that want that perfect golf course look for their lawn. Developed by Texas A&M University, this Zoysia grass is drought tolerant, shade tolerant, and resistant to insects.

Why We Love Texas Cavalier Zoysia Grass

  1. Slow Growth Requires Less Frequent Mowing
  2. More Shade Tolerant Than St. Augustine
  3. Drought Tolerant
  4. Most Insect-Resistant Zoysia
  5. Low Fertilizer Requirements
  6. Dark Green Color
  7. Excellent Heat & Cold Tolerance

Sod Installation Missouri City, Tx.

Are you looking for Sod Installation in Southwest Houston? Don’t want to get your hands dirty laying sod? All you have to do is contact The Grass Store

Whether it’s a small job to multiple truckloads of grass, our sod installation crews can get the job done professionally and within your desired budget. 

Missouri City Grass Installation: What We Do

On big jobs we carry forklifts with us if there is enough room to use them. This makes installation much faster because we can easily move the grass as needed.

If we can’t use a forklift, our team will simply wheelbarrow the grass to where it’s needed.

Either way, our grass installation is simple, seamless, and stress-free. Our job is to make sure your lawn looks perfect … no mess. 

How Much Notice Do We Need? 

Typically, we can install your grass within 3-7 days after being hired for the job. Timing will depend on the type of grass required and local availability. 

For most jobs, we will start and finish your grass installation on the same day.   

Do We Give Sod Installation Estimates In Missouri City? 

We don’t do estimates. Most of the time the homeowner can give us measurements over the phone and give us a pretty good idea if the job is ready for us.  

This is for the benefit of our customers. We keep things as simple as possible. By not having to send someone out to give “Free” estimates allows us to not charge as much for our work. 

Ready to Buy Your Missouri City, Texas Grass?

Ready to buy the best Texas grass for your Missouri City home or business? Have more questions you need to ask?

Contact us by phone at 936-588-8873 or send us a message through our Contact Form

We look forward to serving you! 

Why We Love Missouri City, Texas

Located 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston, Missouri City, Texas in Fort Bend County. It’s one of the best places to live in the state of Texas.

Missouri City is absolutely chock full of things to do and see. There are a lot of parks to visit and places to experience in this beautiful city.

Try some horseback riding at Sienna Stables. See a game at Constellation Field. Put your mind and teamwork to the test at Escape the Room Texas. Or explore one of the many parks and trails located in the Missouri City area for some outdoor fun.

Missouri City offers limitless opportunities for the use of the grass and sod offered by The Grass Store. There is no better local company to turn to for all of your grass, sod, mulch, stone, gravel, and landscaping needs!

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