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12868 HWY.105 WEST, CONROE TX 77304

The Grass store sells, delivers, and installs the highest quality sod grass in Beaumont, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Recommended grasses for the area includes St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass.

St. Augustine grass is the go-to Turfgrass for Texas yards. Bermuda grass can handle the direct sunlight of Texas. The appearance and manageability of Zoysia grass make it one of the most popular grass sods in the area. Moreover, The Grass Store carries mulch and stacking stones for your landscaping needs as well.

The weather of the area and the intended use of the lawn matter when choosing a sod. You must keep in mind the soil quality and lawn traffic before choosing a sod type. How shady or sunny the yard is also makes a big difference. Additionally, how much rainfall you get in Beaumont and how much time you have to maintain the lawn matters.

Zip Codes we Deliver to in Beaumont

  • 77627
  • 77701
  • 77702
  • 77703
  • 77705
  • 77706
  • 77707
  • 77708
  • 77713

Your one-stop-shop for Texas grass & landscaping needs

Bermuda Grass Beaumont, TX

Bermuda grass is a popular warm-season grass that is durable and has a high drought tolerance. Still, there are a number of differences between the Bermuda grasses.

  • TifTuf Bermuda is bright green and has fine-textured blades.
  • Tifway 419 Bermuda is dark green and has fine blades.
  • Celebration Bermuda is a dark-blue color and has a medium blade.

TifTuf and Tifway 419 are both an African Bermuda and Common Bermuda mix. Celebration Bermuda is an improvement to Common Bermuda.

St. Augustine Grass Beaumont, TX

St. Augustine grass in Beaumont is our most requested grass sod. It can handle the sun and has high shade tolerance. Raleigh St. Augustine grass uses its medium-sized blades to create a dense turf. Palmetto St. Augustine grass has a medium blade but is a better color and finer texture. It is called shade grass because it has a high tolerance, but it needs 5 hours of sunlight.

Zoysia Grass Beaumont, TX

Zoysia grass is nearly as popular as St. Augustine grass because it has shade and drought tolerances. The slow-growing grass keeps out weeds with its dense turf. There are several types of Zoysia grass. Palisades Zoysia is a medium blade with a dark green color. Emerald Zoysia is a fine blade with a dark green color. Cavalier Zoysia is a fine blade with an emerald green color.

Why we love Beaumont, TX

Beaumont, about 85 miles east of Houston, is the largest incorporated municipality by population near the Louisiana border. The Spindletop gusher, took Beaumont from a lumber, farming, and port town to one of the major petrochemical refining area. Beaumont has lots to offer from the Beaumont Botanical Gardens, located near the 500 acre Tyrrell Park, to the Crockett Street Entertainment Complex in downtown.

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